Allied Health Group Australia


RELINE Cam Walkers are designed for lower limb fractures and strains where the user still needs to ambulate with weight through the limb. The walker is designed to assist in walking with or without the aid of crutches after plaster cast is removed or if one is not required post medical attention. These are demeaned as short term walkers for a treatment time of 4-12 weeks only. Not designed for long term clinical treatment.

Cam Walkers come in 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large - depended on shoe sizing.

Two height lengths - 36 cm (14') and 43 cm (17')

They come in two designs - fixed walker or ROM (Range of Movement) control using smart cam ankle joint.

Liners come in standard soft foam liners to air liners for better fit and control.

Extra liners are available for purchase - This is handy to continue wearing the brace when cleaning of soiled liner is required.